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According to the Declaration of Helsinki,

§32 For medical research using identifiable human material or data, such as research on material or data contained in biobanks or similar repositories, physicians must seek informed consent for its collection, storage and/or reuse. There may be exceptional situations where consent would be impossible or impracticable to obtain for such research. In such situations the research may be done only after consideration and approval of a research ethics committee.

Most recent EU laws also suggest a strong emphasis on informed consent, although Hessian state laws grant more freedom to academic research.

Inspired by the Ultimate Consent Forms, we have developed a general consent form hopefully sufficient to cover most investigations relevant to conducting psychological and neurocognitive experiments.

You can download the form here.

Appropriate Formats

A guide for sharing data by Jeff Leek’s group gives a detailed overview for data sharing best practices.

However, for neuroimaging or other complex data, consider the BIDS format.

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