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Coming up: Winters semester 2022/2023

Past events

Summer semester 2022

Winter semester 2021 / 2022

Summer semester 2021

Summer semester 2020

  • Contribution to Vision Science Conference by our fellow Levi Kumle
  • Cancellation/postponement of Open Science Fellowships Event on the 22nd of April
  • 2nd round of ReproducibiliTea, every 2nd Wednesday 4pm

Winter semester 2019 / 2020

  • RepliCATS Workshop on , March 10th coffee session 2-4pm. RepliCATS Workshops can be done from everywhere and online, alone or in groups- so if you missed the session, join anytime!
  • 1st round of ReproducibiliTea, every 2nd Wednesday 4pm

Second OPEN SCIENCE DAY, January 15

Summer semester 2019

Winter semester 2018 / 2019

  • WORKSHOP: Forschungsdatenmanagement, November 30 The goal of this workshop is to introduce and practice procedures for handling research data in an open and reproducible way.
    • Erich Weichselgartner (ZPID) introduced guiding principles to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable, the FAIR principles and DataWiz, an automated assistant for the management of psychological research data developed by ZPID
    • Annett Wilde (DIPF) introduced REDCap, a web application for building and managing online surveys and databases.
    • Benjamin Gagl introduced BIDS (Brain Data Imaging Structure), a data storage standard for behavioral or brain data, which is the basis for using a growing number of open data processing pipelines (BIDS apps) allowing reproducible data analysis.
  • WORKSHOP: Power Analyses in Psychological Science, October 22 - 23. Daniel Lakens introduced the theoretical concept of Power Analyses and provided an overview of advantages and disadvantages of different methods. The focus of the workshop was on Hands On Experiences in order to learn how to compute basic indicators of power and how they can be used for planning, and conducting new studies. Further, related topics of meta-analythical approaches were discussed.
  • WORKSHOP: Preregistration, October 9: Pre-registration is one of the means that the scientific community is increasingly using to counter the replication crisis: In this one-day workshop, we 1) conceptually introduced the attendees to pre-registration, 2) prepared the attendees for practical possibilities and difficulties, and 3) provided support in preparing own pre-registrations.

Summer semester 2018

First OPEN SCIENCE DAY, June 27th